Tagalog Words from the Spanish

It’s been estimated that about 40 percent of Tagalog / Filipino words in use today are derived from Spanish.


  • Eksena (Spanish: Escena): scene
  • Eksklusibo (Spanish: Exclusivo): exclusive
  • Eksperimento (Spanish: Experimento): experiment
  • Ekspiryensiya (Spanish: Experiencia): experience
  • Eleksiyon (Spanish: Elección): election
  • Elektrisidad (Spanish: Electricidad): electricity
  • Elisi (Spanish: Hélice): propeller
  • Gastos (Spanish: Gastos): expenses
  • Gerilya (Spanish: Guerrilla): guerrilla
  • Gisado (Spanish: Guisado): sauteed
  • Gisa (Spanish: Guisar): to stew, to cook
  • Gisantes (Spanish: Guisantes): peas

Filipinos adopted many Spanish words during the almost four hundred years of Spain’s colonial rule in the Philippines. And this wasn’t the case only for native speakers of the Tagalog language. Speakers of other Philippine languages, in particular the Visayans, incorporated many vocabulary words from Spanish.