an adjective used to describe girls and women who are not disposed to friendliness

If you greet a Filipino girl or woman and she doesn’t greet you back nicely, she is called suplada. This word is sometimes translated as snooty or snobbish.

The male equivalent is suplado. A man who is suplado is frequently thought of as conceited and unapproachable.

Children, even babies, also get jokingly called suplada or suplado. For example, if someone says Hi to a three-year-old boy and he doesn’t say Hi or he just ignores the person, you can say, Ay, suplado! This could be even if the child didn’t know any better or was simply shy.

The origin of this word is likely the Spanish sopla, meaning to blow up or to inflate.

supladong bata
an unfriendly child (boy)

supladang bata
an unfriendly child (girl)

kasupladahan, also pagkasuplada
the state of being unfriendly, with a tinge of hostility