How to Say “Lover”

There are many ways of saying ‘lover’ in Tagalog.

In popular usage, a kalaguyo means a lover outside marriage. Your wife is your asawa (‘spouse’) or misis, while the other woman is the kalaguyo. It sounds wicked in Tagalog.

Another Tagalog word for ‘mistress’ is kerida from the Spanish querida, meaning a cherished one. It sounds nice in Spanish, but not in Tagalog!

A kasintahan is someone with whom you have promised love. There is no sexual connotation to this word, which sounds very pure and beautiful and sparkly in Tagalog. It derives from the root word sinta, an old-fashioned term for ‘love.’ Two people (a couple) are magkasintahan.
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This is a non-standard Filipino word derived from the English “miss” (as in “I miss you”).

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‘Are you Filipina?’

You think she’s Filipina and you want to make a good first impression by asking her if she’s Filipina in Tagalog. Here’s how to do it.

The Tagalog word for ‘Filipina’ is Pilipina. Filipinos also use the slang Pinay.

Pinay ka ba?
Are you Filipina?


Pilipina ka ba?
Are you Filipina?

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