History to the Arrival of the Spaniards

This is a summary of the history of the Philippines from prehistoric times to the arrival of the Spaniards and Portuguese.

22,000 B.C.E
Traces of oldest skeletal remains on Palawan Island

3000 BCE
Austronesian people begin arriving in the Philippines via Taiwan

500 BCE
Philippine ports begin trading with China, Southeast Asia and India

700 BCE
Philippine trading intensifies under the Sri-Vijaya Empire (Indonesia)

Muslim (Arab and Persian) trading ports begin to form in Southeast Asia

Ming Chinese traders dominate the sea lanes

Prince Parameswara converts Malacca into a great Muslim sea emporium

Sayyid Abuy Bakhr establishes Sulu as a prominent center of Muslim trade and culture

Pope Alexander VI issues Treaty of Tordesillas

The Portuguese, under Vasco da Gama, reach West India

Ferdinand Magellan arrives in the Philippines. King Lapu-Lapu defeats Magellan, whose flotillas then sail away

The Portuguese capture Macau and toll all Southeast Asian trade to the Arab coast

Arrival of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi who begins Spain’s colonization of Las Islas Filipinas

Beginning of galleon trade between Manila and Acapulco


The Tagalog word for ‘history’ is kasaysayan.

Ang Dekalogo ni Apolinario Mabini

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