TULA: Ang Bantayog

Ang tulang ito ay isinulat ni Bartolome del Valle. This Tagalog poem was written by the Filipino poet Bartolome del Valle.
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TULA: Puso, Ano Ka?

“Heart, What Are You?” (1928) is a Tagalog poem written by the acclaimed Filipino poet Jose Corazon de Jesus. He compares the heart to a bell and a clock, among other things, in the most insightful, poetic way.

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TULA : Ang “Valentine” Ko

“My Valentine” is a poem in Tagalog by Filipino poet Aniceto Silvestre.

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TULA: Kalupi ng Puso

This Tagalog poem was written by Jose Corazon de Jesus.

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TULA: Sa Pamilihan ng Puso

Written by the Filipino master poet Jose Corazon de Jesus, this Tagalog poem is replete with deep meaning and insights. Its title can be translated into English as “In the Marketplace of Love.”
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Multo sa Apoy ng Isang Imno

— Teo S. Baylen

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Dahong Lugás (Florante at Laura)

The excerpt known as Dahong Lugás (“Fallen Leaf”) contains the most famous lines of poetry from the classic Philippine literary work Florante at Laura. It is presented here in its original orthography — without spelling modernization.
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TULA: Kundiman ng Puso

This Tagalog love poem is from the early 20th century.

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