TULA: Ang Reyna Elena

This Tagalog poem is from the early 20th century. Reyna Elena refers to the Queen Helena personage who leads the traditional parade during the annual Flores de Mayo (“Flowers of May”) celebrations.

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Sa Bilangguan ng Pag-ibig

The poem “In Love’s Prison” was written by the prolific Filipino poet Jose Corazon de Jesus.

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TULA: Ang Bantayog

Ang tulang ito ay isinulat ni Bartolome del Valle. This Tagalog poem was written by the Filipino poet Bartolome del Valle.
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Ang Mga Labi Mo (Your Lips)

In this short Tagalog poem, the poet is addressing a woman and rhapsodizing about her lips, the messengers of the secrets of the heart.
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Gatas at Itlog (Tulang Pambata)

Gatas at Itlog (Milk and Eggs) is actually a Filipino children’s song, but in response to requests for a tula tungkol sa nutrisyon (poem about nutrition), we are posting it in this section with a rough English translation.

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Kabataan (Tula)

Tulang isinulat ni Lorie Jen Rojo

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Kamatayan ng Pag-ibig

Tulang isinulat ni Lorie Jen Rojo

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Kulang ang Kahapon at Bukas

Tagalog Love Poem by Annalyn Madali

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