Guro, Nasa Langit Ang Iyong Paraiso

Isang tula para sa mga guro / titser

Tulang isinulat ni B. del Valle para sa mga teacher

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TULA: Ang Salapi

Arguably the most insightful poem written in any language about the nature of money. Penned in Tagalog by the prolific Filipino poet Jose Corazon de Jesus.

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TULA: Ang Reyna Elena

This Tagalog poem is from the early 20th century. Reyna Elena refers to the Queen Helena personage who leads the traditional parade during the annual Flores de Mayo (“Flowers of May”) celebrations.

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TULA: Pastol

Ang tulang ito ay isinulat ni Lamberto E. Antonio.

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Poem: Kay Ama (To Father)

Father’s Day 2017 is on Sunday, June 18.

Read a Tagalog poem dedicated by a Filipina poet to her father!
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Tula: Balatkayo

ni PJae Angeles

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TULA: Magulang (Parents)

ni Allana Mendoza

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Sa Tabi ng Dagat (By the Sea)

This famous Tagalog love poem was written by Ildefonso Santos in 1897.

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