Poem: Kay Ama (To Father)

Father’s Day 2017 is on Sunday, June 18.

Read a Tagalog poem dedicated by a Filipina poet to her father!
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Tula: Balatkayo

ni PJae Angeles

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TULA: Magulang (Parents)

ni Allana Mendoza

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Sa Tabi ng Dagat (By the Sea)

This famous Tagalog love poem was written by Ildefonso Santos in 1897.

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Florante at Laura

Florante at Laura is a Philippine literature classic written in the nineteenth century by Francisco Baltazar (1788-1862), better known by his pen name Balagtas. It is a romance in Tagalog verse. What earns it a distinguished place in the literary canon is that it was written in the most beautiful Tagalog at a time when the dominant language of educated Filipinos was Spanish. Balagtas wrote it while in prison in the 1830s.

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Sa Aking Mga Kabata

This Tagalog poem was long assumed to have been written by Filipino national hero Jose Rizal when he was eight years old, though that assumption is now widely doubted. It is translated into English as ‘To My Fellow Youth.’
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Filipino Love Poetry

Filipinos refer to a ‘love poem’ as tula sa pag-ibig, tula ng pag-ibig or tulang pag-ibig.

tula ng pag-ibig
poem of love

tulang pag-ibig
love poem

tula sa pag-ibig
poem on love

Here is a partial list of Tagalog poems available for reading on this website:

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Sa Bilangguan ng Pag-ibig

The poem “In Love’s Prison” was written by the prolific Filipino poet Jose Corazon de Jesus.

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