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Jeepney fare hike the Metro Manila area — from 7 pesos to 8 pesos.

The Philippines’ largest broadsheet newspaper by circulation is the Manila Bulletin (300,000 printed copies), followed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer (260,000 copies). Both are in English.

Starting on February 10 (Friday), commuters who ride jeepneys in the Metro Manila area will have to pay P8 for the first 4 kilometers, plus P1.50 per succeeding kilometer. The fare is a hike above the current P7 minimum fare.

‘LeniLeaks’: Duterte’s cabinet to probe VP’s alleged role in overthrow plot

Manila Times: #LeniLeaks, elitist stupidity and a dismissive media

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The truth about Ramar Foods’ Magnolia Ice Cream in the USA. Watch the video below from the real Magnolia Ice Cream of the Philippines.

Ramar Foods is NOT the Magnolia ice cream you knew growing up in the Philippines. Always check the label.

Reactions of Filipino Americans upon finding out that Magnolia Ice Cream in the United States is not related to the San Miguel Magnolia Ice Cream they grew up eating in the Philippines: