Latest News on the Philippines

COTABATO CITY: The observance of this year’s Eid’l Fitr on Sunday was somber as the nation grappled with the terror and horror brought by the Maute Group that attacked Marawi City last month.

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U.S. Company Pirates Filipino Brand Magnolia

San Miguel is not allowed to sell Magnolia Ice Cream in the United States. Do you know why?

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Filipino Food In the News

On the butter, margarine and cheese (BMC) issue, San Miguel wins in court against Ramar Foods, the USA company that pirated the Magnolia brand from the Philippines.

Despite that victory on the BMC issue, San Miguel is still prohibited by United States law from using the Magnolia brand name for ice cream and related frozen dessert products in the United States.

Any “Magnolia ice cream” you see in the USA is not produced by the company from the Philippines. It is the OMGpeke version manufactured by Ramar Foods of California.

To add to the ludicrousness of the situation, a representative of this OMGpeke company Ramar Foods registered “Filipino Food Movement” as a corporation in California in August 2015.

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What’s Happening in Metro Manila?

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News Coverage of Cebu

Cebu is the name of a major city and island province in the Visayas region of the Philippines.

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Vandolph Quizon Naospital

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