Harana, the Filipino Serenade

A harana is a traditional Filipino serenade. The man is accompanied by his friends who back him up both vocally and psychologically. At first, the woman’s window is closed. The man calls out to her and if she’s interested, she’ll open her window.

picture of harana

Haranahin mo siya.
Serenade her.

Haharanahin kita.
I will serenade you.

In the mp3 clip above, you can hear Dungawin Mo, Hirang.

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Filipino Song: Nandito Ako

Nandito Ako, Tagalog song written by Aaron Paul del Rosario. Made famous by Filipino singer Ogie Alcasid in the late 1980s. Version of Lea Salonga came out in 1993. Rendition by Mexican diva Thalía in 1997.

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Di Na Natuto

Di Na Natuto is a cute Tagalog love song made famous by Filipino singer Gary Valenciano. The man in the song says he never learns. He knows the woman is just teasing him, but he can’t help being enchanted by her.

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Dungawin Mo, Hirang

In this song, the man is asking the woman to at least give him a glance. The song’s composer is Santiago S. Suarez and the singer heard below is Ruben Tagalog.

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Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin

Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin is a very popular love song in the Philippines. It is also the title of a TV soap opera in the Philippines.

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Sana Maulit Muli

This popular Tagalog love song was made famous by Filipino singer Gary Valenciano.


Sana maulit muli, ang mga oras nating nakaraan
Bakit nagkaganito, naglaho nga ba ang pag-ibig mo?
Sana maulit muli, sana’y bigyan ng pansin ang himig ko
Kahapon bukas ngayon, tanging wala ng ibang mahal

Kung kaya kong iwanan ka, di na sana aasa pa
Kung kaya kong umiwas na, di na sana lalapit pa
Kung kaya ko sana…

Ibalik ang kahapon, sandaling ‘di mapapantayan
Huwag sana nating itapon, pagmamahal na tapat

Kung ako’y nagkamali minsan, di na ba mapagbibigyan
O giliw… dinggin mo ang nais ko

Kung kaya kong iwanan ka, di na sana aasa pa
Kung kaya kong umiwas na, di na sana lalapit pa
Kung kaya ko sana…

Ito ang tanging nais ko, ang ating kahapon
Sana maulit muli…

Mahal pa rin kita
O, giliw. O, giliw…

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Bituing Marikit (Love Song)

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O ILAW (Aking Bituin)

The title of this Tagalog folk song is Aking Bituin (My Star) but it is more popularly known by its first line: O, Ilaw (Oh, Light).

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