Salidumay (Folk Song)

Salidumay is an indigenous folk song associated with the Igorot and Kalinga natives of the Cordillera Mountains in the northern part of the Philippines.

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BALITAW, the Visayan folksong

The balitaw is the song traditionally associated with the Visayas region in the same way the kundiman and kumintang are associated with ancient Tagalog music.

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Rosas Pandan (Song)

This popular song is in Cebuano, not Tagalog.

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Usahay (Song)

Usahay is not a word in Tagalog, but Cebuano, another Philippine language. It means ‘sometimes.’

Here is a Visayan love song titled Usahay.

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Pasayawa Ko Day (Visayan Song)

Please note that this song is in Visayan, not Tagalog.

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Dandansoy (Visayan Song)

A popular Visayan folk song is Dandansoy. Note that this is not a Tagalog song. The Visayan language in which Dandansoy is most often sung is Hiligaynon Bisaya, also known as Ilonggo.

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Sarung Banggi (Bicolano Song)

Sarung Bangi Lyrics and Recording

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Dalawidaw (Hiligaynon Song)

Dalawidaw is a song in Ilonggo, the Hiligaynon language. It was penned in the early 20th century by Augurio Abeto, a congressman from the Philippine province of Iloilo.


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