Dandansoy (Visayan Song)

A popular Visayan folk song is Dandansoy. Note that this is not a Tagalog song. The Visayan language in which Dandansoy is most often sung is Hiligaynon Bisaya, also known as Ilonggo.

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Chavacano Song by Major Chords

Chavacano or Chabacano is a Spanish-based creole language spoken in the Philippines. It is most associated with the Zamboanga area on the southern island of Mindanao. There are at least one million Filipinos who speak this language fluently.

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Si Pilemon (Folksong in Cebuano)

Si Pilemon is a Cebuano folksong that’s popular even with Tagalog speakers who don’t know Cebuano.

The title of this song has also been spelled as Si Filemon, Si Pilimon, Si Pilemon, Si Filimon, si Philimon…


Si Pilemon, si Pilemon namasol sa kadagatan.
Nakakuha, nakakuha og isdang tambasakan.
Gibaligya, gibaligya sa merkadong guba—
Ang halin pulos kura, ang halin pulos kura,
Igo lang ipanuba.

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Dalawidaw (Hiligaynon Song)

Dalawidaw is a song in Ilonggo, the Hiligaynon language. It was penned in the early 20th century by Augurio Abeto, a congressman from the Philippine province of Iloilo.


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“Waray-Waray” Song

The lyrics are a mixture from the Tagalog and the Waray languages, which are very distinct from each other. Waray or Winaray is spoken mainly in the Visayas region of the Philippines. The people in the area are also called Waray.


Waray Waray hindi tatakas
Waray Waray handang matodas
Waray Waray bahala bukas
Waray Waray manigas!

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Lawiswis Kawayan (Waray Song)

Lawiswis Kawayan is a Waray folk song. Waray or Winaray is a language spoken in Samar, Leyte and Biliran in the Visayas region of the Philippines. It is not Tagalog.

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Balud (Waray Song)

Mga Balud (Waves) is a popular Waray song. Waray or Winaray is a language that’s distinct from Tagalog. It is spoken mainly in the Visayas region of the Philippines.

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Dungdunguen Kanto (Ilocano Song)

Duayya ni Ayat (Lullaby of Love) is an Ilocano song that is popularly known by its first line Dungdungwen Kanto (I Will Love You), also spelled Dungdunguen Canto.

Ilocano is another language of the Philippines; it is not Tagalog.


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