Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit

Christmas Has Arrived… Every Filipino knows this holiday song!

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Abakada Song by Florante

The folk singer Florante made famous an Abakada song that has served as a useful mnemonic for Filipino children and students learning the Tagalog alphabet. Here are the lyrics and a recording.

A-Ba-Ka-Da, E-Ga-Ha-I-La, Ma-Na-Nga-O-Pa, Ra-Sa-Ta-U-Wa-Ya
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Bahay Kubo (Folk Song)

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Saranggola ni Pepe (Kite Song!)

Saranggola ni Pepe (translation: Jose’s Kite) is a popular Tagalog folk song in the Philippines. The Filipina singer heard here is Celeste Legazpi.

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Pen Pen De Sarapen

Penpen de Sarapen is a popular children’s rhyming chant in the Philippines.

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Pen pen de sarapen,
de kutsilyo de almasen
Haw, haw de carabao batutin

Sipit namimilipit ginto’t pilak
Namumulaklak sa tabi ng dagat.

Sayang pula tatlong pera
Sayang puti tatlong salapi

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Sa Ugoy ng Duyan (Filipino Song)

The song Ugoy ng Duyan, literally translated as “the swaying of the hammock,”was composed by Lucio San Pedro and the lyrics were by Levi Celerio, both National Artists

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Umupo Po Kayo: Children’s Song


Umupo po kayo,
Umupo po kayo,
Ang munting upuan
ay ariing inyo.

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Mag-Exercise Tayo Tuwing Umaga

“Let’s Exercise Every Morning!” by Yoyoy Villame is a great song to get children moving in the morning!

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