Mag-Exercise Tayo Tuwing Umaga

“Let’s Exercise Every Morning!” by Yoyoy Villame is a great song to get children moving in the morning!

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Bahay Kubo (Folk Song)

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Tong, Tong, Tong, Tong Pakitong-Kitong

This is a very fun-sounding children’s song from the Philippines.

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Sa Ugoy ng Duyan (Filipino Song)

The song Ugoy ng Duyan, literally translated as “the swaying of the hammock,” was composed by Lucio San Pedro and the lyrics were by Levi Celerio, both National Artists.

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Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit

Christmas Has Arrived… Every Filipino knows this holiday song!

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Magandang Pasko

This is not such a well-known Tagalog Christmas song, but the simplicity of this charming ditty may be suitable for children to learn to sing, compared to the more raucous and complicated carols.

Download an MP3 of this song for just 99 cents online.

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Abakada Song by Florante

The folk singer Florante made famous an Abakada song that has served as a useful mnemonic for Filipino children and students learning the Tagalog alphabet. Here are the lyrics and a recording.

A-Ba-Ka-Da, E-Ga-Ha-I-La, Ma-Na-Nga-O-Pa, Ra-Sa-Ta-U-Wa-Ya
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Saranggola ni Pepe (Kite Song!)

Saranggola ni Pepe (translation: Jose’s Kite) is a popular Tagalog folk song in the Philippines. The Filipina singer heard here is Celeste Legazpi.

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