Calamansi (spelled kalamansi in native Tagalog orthography) is a small, very round citrus fruit that’s ubiquitous in the Philippines. The fruits are often used when the thin rind is still green on the outside, and that is the color associated with it.

Scientific name: Citrus microcarpa

Calamansi looks similar to the Japanese sudachi and kabosu.

Other names for the calamansi: aldonisis, calamonding, calamunding, Chinese orange, kalamondin, Golden lime, calamondin orange, Panama orange, kalamunding, kalamonding, kalamundin, calamundi.

In the Philippines, kalamansi is often combined with soy sauce, the mixture of which is used as a marinade or dipping sauce.

toyo’t kalamansi
= toyomansi
soy sauce and Philippine lime

Kalamansi is also spritzed on pansit noodles. (In fact, there is a variant of packaged instant nooodles that is Pancit Canton kalamansi flavor.)

Lucky Me Pancit Canton Kalamansi Flavor
Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton (Chow Mein) Kalamansi Flavor

This citrus fruit can also be used a souring agent in the stews sinigang and paksiw, in lieu of sampalok (tamarind).

Calamansi juice is a great source of Vitamin C and is perfect for a juice cleanse! The Philippine company Zesto even came out with a Calamansi juice soda in the middle of the first decade of the twenty-first century. (Tagline: About time sodas went fruit.)

What else is calamansi good for flavoring?

Ice cream, muffins, pies, macaraons, all sorts of pastries… and even soap!

Looking to get your Calamansi Juice fix?

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