Say “I Love You” in Tagalog

Mahal kita.
I love you.
(most common)

Iniibig kita.
I love you.
(dramatic, only for lovers)

Lab kita!
Luv ya!

Mahal mo ba ako?
Do you love me?

Oo, mahal kita.
Yes, I love you.

Mahal na mahal kita.
I love you very much.

Mahal kita talaga.
I really love you.

Mahal mo rin ba ako?
Do you love me too?

Mahal din kita.
I love you too.

Mahal na mahal din kita.
I also love you very much.

The word mahal also means ‘expensive.’

If it’s dear, it must have a high value, right?

Ang mahal ng kwintas!
The necklace is expensive!

Bakit ang mahal nito?
Why is this so expensive?