RECIPE: Pinais Na Dilis

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RECIPE: Pork Asado

A fixture in Filipino-Chinese restaurants, this dish derives its name from the Spanish word asado, meaning ‘roasted.’

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RECIPE: Almondigas (Filipino Meatballs)

Almondigas are Filipino meat balls, usually served in a noodle soup. The name comes from the Spanish word alb√≥ndigas, meaning “meatballs.”

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RECIPE: Filipino Menudo

The classic Filipino-style menudo is a stew of pork meat and liver cubes with garbansos (chickpeas), potatoes and tomato sauce.

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RECIPE: Filipino Carioca Balls

Carioca are balls of dough deep fried in oil. They’re similar to beignets, the fried dough goodies from Louisiana. This carioca recipe yields 40 pieces.

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RECIPE: Lechon Paksiw

The traditional lechon is a whole pig that can serve at least 50 people. It’s not uncommon to have leftovers. What do you do with it? Try this easy recipe for lechon paksiw!¬†

Paksiw is a Filipino stew whose essential ingredient is suka (white vinegar).

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RECIPE: Sapin-Sapin (Layers)

Sapin-sapin is a sweet Filipino delicacy consisting of layers (sapin) of different colors. The following sapin-sapin recipe makes 10 servings.

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RECIPE: Filipino-style Fried Pork Chops

Fried pork chops are a favorite dish accompanied with boiled white rice in the Philippines. It can be a dry combination, which is why Filipinos usually have a soup on the side or a sauce to go with it.

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