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We have made every effort to remove from this list those bloggers who have received sponsorship from Ramar Foods, the American company that unethically appropriated the Magnolia brand from the Philippine corporation San Miguel. If we have overlooked a name, please let us know.

Filipino American food bloggers have received funding from Ramar Foods to create a “non-profit” movement, ostensibly to promote Filipino food… It is essentially a PR tactic to deflect attention from Ramar’s unethical piracy of prominent Philippine trademarks such as Magnolia and Pampanga’s Best.

The list of food bloggers on this page is curated with the support of the @FilipinoFood account on Twitter. (Followed by Barack Obama and Andrew Zimmern since 2008. Followed by @MannyPacquiao since 2015.)

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Blog: Busog Sarap
Name: Althea C.
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Filipino food post: Buko Pandan

Blog: Hefty Foodie
Name: Eugene Constantino
Location: Manila, Philippines
Bio: Random food trips with friends
Twitter ID: @heftyfoodie
Filipino food post: Flavors of the Philippines

Blog: Tsinoy Foodies
Name: Stacy Liong
Location: Manila, Philippines
Bio: Filipino-Chinese
Twitter ID: @tsinoyfoodies
Filipino food post: La Fiesta: Largest Filipino Buffet

Blog: Broiled Hibiscus
Name: Imelda Irene
Location: Arizona, USA
Bio: Cooking it up in Western AZ
Twitter ID: @BroiledHibiscus
Filipino food post: Purple Yam Ice Cream

Blog: Going for Seconds
Name: Frank Guanco
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Bio: Likes to get full.
Twitter ID:  proncis
Filipino food post: Halo Halo

Sweet Cherrie Pie
Name: Cherrie Moore
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Bio: Wife. Mother. Food lover.
Twitter ID: CherrieMoore
Filipino food post: Turon

Taste as You Go
Name:  Michelle Judd
Location: New York City, New York, USA
Bio: Food blogger. Runner. New Yorker for now. New Englander at heart. Red Sox faithful. Loyal Chi Omega Sister.
Twitter ID: tasteasyougo
Filipino food post: Ihawan2

Blog: One Filipino Dish a Week
Name: Paoix
Location: New York, USA
Bio:  20-something Filipino living in the NYC area
Twitter ID: paoix

Blog: English Patis
Name:  Celia Kusinera
Location:  England, United Kingdom
Bio: Dreams of cooking for a living.
Filipino food post: Pinakurat

Blog: Urban Foodie
Name:  Steph Pituc
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Bio: filipina american. lover of food. perpetual student.
Twitter ID: stephiep33
Filipino food post: Pinakbet

Blog: No Special Effects
Name: Mark Manguerra
Location:  Philippines: New York, USA
Bio: Dessertier, doctor, cookbook reviewer.
Twitter ID: Manggy
Filipino food post: Brazo de Mercedes

Blog: Trissalicious
Name: Trissa
Bio: Banker by day and frustrated cook the rest of the time.
Location: Sydney, Australia
Twitter ID: trissalicious
Filipino food post: Crispy Pata

Blog: A Cupcake or Two
Name: Katherine Eugenio
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Twitter ID: acupcakeor2
Filipino food post: Junior MasterChef Egg Kit and Longsilog

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