ITIK-ITIK, Filipino Folk Dance

The itik-itik is a dance from Surigao, in which the movements of a duck are imitated. An itik is a species of duck.

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Binasuan, Filipino Folk Dance

Binasuan is a colorful and lively dance from Pangasinan, a province on the island of Luzon. It is often danced at weddings and fiestas.

The word binasuan means “with the use of drinking glasses” and it refers to how the performers balance glasses on their heads and hands while gracefully dancing. This is especially tricky because the glasses are filled with rice wine or some other form of liquid.

Pasigin, Filipino Dance

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The word pasigin likely refers to a type of fishnet. The movements of this dance resemble those of fishermen scooping after schools of fish.

Kuratsa Dance

The Spanish-influenced Kuratsa or Curacha was once a very popular dance in different parts of the Philippines, particularly in the Visayas region.

It is a traditional Filipino courtship dance.