Talk about the Weather

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How to Swear in Tagalog

The Tagalog word

puta literally means ‘whore’ but is used as an expletive to express anger or frustration like ‘fuck’ in English.

Anak ng puta!
Son of a bitch!
– sounds more extreme in Tagalog than in English

Putang ina mo!
Your mother’s a whore!
– contraction of puta ang ina mo
– the strongest way to express anger at someone
– something like ‘Fuck you!’

– contraction of Putang ina mo, but different usage
– this is more like an expletive like ‘Damn’ or ‘Fuck’

Tangina mo!
Fuck you!

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Spanish Numbers in Tagalog

Tagalog numbers can be a mouthful, even for Filipinos. Compare:

dalawampu’t dalawa (7 syllables)
bente-dos (3 syllables)

There are many situations where Filipinos prefer to use Spanish-derived numbers. The most common are when saying one’s age and telling time. Continue reading “Spanish Numbers in Tagalog”

Miscellaneous Phrases

This page is for colloquial Filipino phrases that are asked on this website but cannot be neatly included in the online dictionary.

diba (Hindi ba?)
Ain’t that right?

kana (…ka na?)
Ilang taon ka na?
How old are you now?

Kana (see Kano)
American chick

Wala akong ma say (Taglish)
There’s nothing I can say.

Ikaw ay mayroong… ?
You have… ?

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‘Do You Understand?’

The English word ‘understand’ can be translated into Tagalog in at least two ways:



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‘You’re Crazy’ in Tagalog

There are various spellings for loko-loko and loka-loka, such as luko-luko and luka-luka. Continue reading “‘You’re Crazy’ in Tagalog”

‘What Time is It?’ in Tagalog

Adding po makes it polite!

Anong oras na po?
What time is it?
(speaking to older people)




now / already

Anong oras na?
What time is it?

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When Giving a Gift

How to Say ‘Gift’ in Tagalog


gift you bought on a trip

Christmas gift

money as a Christmas gift

Para sa iyo.
For you.

Tanggapin mo ito.
Accept this.

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