‘You’re Crazy’ in Tagalog

There are various spellings for loko-loko and loka-loka, such as luko-luko and luka-luka. Continue reading “‘You’re Crazy’ in Tagalog”

Time Expressions

kahapon: yesterday

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Spanish Numbers in Tagalog

Tagalog numbers can be a mouthful, even for Filipinos. Compare:

dalawampu’t dalawa (7 syllables)
bente-dos (3 syllables)

There are many situations where Filipinos prefer to use Spanish-derived numbers. The most common are when saying one’s age and telling time. Continue reading “Spanish Numbers in Tagalog”

How to Insult Someone



Ang pangit mo!
You’re so ugly!

Ang baho mo!
You stink!

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I Don’t Want in Tagalog

The Tagalog word for “do not want” is ayaw.

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Meron ka bang… ? = Do you have…?

Meron ka bang…
Do you happen to have…

Meron ka bang lapis?
Do you have a pencil?

Meron ka bang bolpen?
Do you have a pen?

Meron ka bang papel?
Do you have paper?

Meron ka bang pera?
Do you have money?

Meron ka bang asawa?
Do you have a spouse?
(=You married?)

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Talking About Winter

“low-temperature season”
= winter

Malamig ang panahon.
The weather is cold.

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Ako ay = I am

akó = I, me
Ako ay
I am…

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