Numbers in Tagalog

The native Tagalog word for ‘number’ is bilang and the Spanish word also commonly used by Filipinos is numero.

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‘Thank You’ in Tagalog

Salamat is the Tagalog word for ‘thanks.’

Maraming salamat.
Many thanks. / Thank you very much.

Maraming salamat po.
Thank you very much. (formal)

Maraming salamat sa ‘yo.
Many thanks to you. (casual)

Maraming salamat po sa inyo.
Many thanks to you. (formal)

Salamat sa tulong nila.
Thanks to their help.

Pasalamatan mo siya.
Say thanks to her/him.
= Thank him/her.

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“Welcome” in Tagalog

Salamat is the Tagalog word for ‘Thank You.’

To answer ‘Don’t mention it’ or ‘You’re welcome’ say:

Walang anuman.
It’s nothing at all.




anoman / anuman

To welcome someone into your home or into a store, say Tuloy po kayo. 

Tuloy ka.
(addressed to one person, casual)

Tuloy po kayo.
Please enter. / Please come in.
(addressed to an older person or to a group of people.)

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How to Say ‘Please’

There is no single-word Tagalog translation!

You have to attach paki- in front of the verb. 

to write

Pakisulat mo dito.
Please write it here.

to cook

Pakiluto mo ito.
Please cook this.

to arrange, put in order, fix

Pakiayos mo ito.
Please fix this.

to give

Pakibigay mo kay Ana.
Please give to Ana.

Pakibigay mo sa nanay mo.
Please give to your mother.

Pakibigay mo ito (sa kanila).
Please give this (to them).

mo = you

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‘Fine’ ‘Yes’ ‘No’ in Tagalog

Mabuti is the Tagalog word for ‘good.’

It is used to answer ‘Fine’ to the question Kamusta? (‘How are you?’).

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‘Hello’ in Tagalog


It is common for Filipinos to use the English word in greeting each other. In recent years, there’s a tendency to affix the respectful marker po when speaking to even slightly older people. Though this used to sound very strange and awkward, these days you will hear the phrase “Hello po” all the time.

How are you?
– the closest equivalent to the English greeting “Hello”
– this is the more current spelling of Kumusta
– it comes from the Spanish ¿Cómo está?

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“Good Morning” in Tagalog

The Tagalog word for ‘morning’ is umaga.




Magandang umaga.
Good morning.

Magandang umaga po.
Good morning. (when speaking to older people)

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‘What is This?’ in Tagalog

ito sa Tagalog?
What is this in Tagalog?

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