Describing the Economy

Don’t get fixated on translating economic and financial terms into Tagalog. Filipinos use the English words and phrases in regular conversation. For example, a Filipino will always say ‘credit card’ (in English) instead of the forced Tagalog translation tarheta ng kredito.

It’ll be very amusing to Filipinos if you insist on Tagalog translations. They may even find it insulting. “How can this foreigner think I don’t know what a ‘credit card’ is?”

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Talking about Nature

Ang Pilipinas ay mayaman sa mga halaman.
The Philippines is rich in plants.

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Talk about Religion

Pro tip: Never make fun of another person’s religion, regardless of your own personal beliefs.





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Drinking & Ordering Drinks

The Tagalog word for something to drink is inumin.

Anong gusto mong inumin?
What do you want to drink?

Gusto kong uminom ng tsa.
I want to drink tea.

Ayoko ng kape.
I don’t like coffee. / I don’t want coffee.

Lagyan mo ng gatas ang kape.
Put milk in the coffee.

Huwag mo lagyan ng asukal ang kape.
Don’t put sugar in the coffee.

Gusto kong uminom ng tsa.
I want to drink tea.

Uminom ka ng salabat.
Drink ginger tea.

Uminom ka ba ng tubig?
Did you have a drink of water?

Gusto ko ng gatas.
I like milk. / I want milk.

Huwag kang uminom ng alak!
Don’t drink liquor!

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Talking about Food & Eating

The Tagalog word for ‘to eat’ is kain.

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Speaking to a Doctor

Ang sakit ng ulo ko.
My head hurts.

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Plants & Flowers

The Tagalog word for ‘plant’ is halaman and for ‘flower’ is bulaklak.

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Listen to Me Speak Tagalog

The root word of ‘listen’ in kinig.

Makinig ka.
Listen (in general).
“Listen you!” “Pay attention.”

Nakikinig ka ba?
Are you listening?

listen (to someone or something)

Pakinggan mo ito.
Listen to this.

Pakinggan mo ako.
Listen to me.

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