Speak Tagalog in Relationships

Na-miss kita.
I missed you.


Galit ka ba?
Are you angry?

Nagseselos ka ba?
Are you jealous?

Na-miss mo ba ako?
Did you miss me?

Ang romantiko mo naman!
My, you’re romantic.

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Talking About Photographs

Sino itong nasa litrato?
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Speaking to Older People

Remember to use po and the third-person plural form when talking to someone much older than you.

Compare the following sentences:

Ewan ko.
I don’t know. (casual)

Ewan ko po.
I don’t know. (respectful)

Salamat sa tulong mo.
Thank you for your help. (casual)

Salamat po sa tulong ninyo.
Thanks to your help. (respectful)

Take note of the following exception:

Yes. (casual)

Yes. (respectful)

Sometimes, ho is substituted for po.

Opo. = Oho.

Salamat po. = Salamat ho. 

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Talking to Filipinas

The Tagalog word for ‘woman’ is babae. Filipinos also use the slang Pinay, a word without negative connotation. It’s the female equivalent of Pinoy.


Kailangan ko ng babae.
I need a woman.
(Sometimes has a negative connotation.)




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At The Filipino Store

The native Tagalog word for “store” is pamilihan (“marketplace”), but most Filipinos these days use the Spanish-derived word tindahan to refer to most stores, and the merchandise is called paninda.

Filipino grocery store
Buying snacks at a grocery store in Cebu

Marami pala kayong paninda dito.
So you guys have a lot of merchandise here after all.

Anu-anong paninda ninyo?
What sort of stuff are you folks selling?

Anong oras magbubukas ang tindahan?
What time will the store open?

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Talking about Body Parts

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Useful Phrases for Travel

Naglalakbay akong mag-isa.
I’m traveling alone.

Gusto kong makita ang mga tanawin.
I want to see the sights. (usually used for natural wonders)


Huwag mo akong istorbohin!
Don’t bother me!

Huwag mo kaming istorbohin.
Don’t bother us.

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Kissing in Tagalog

Halikan mo ako.
Kiss me.

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