The Tagalog word sa is a preposition that can mean to, at, in, for or on, depending on the context.

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Of Equal Degree

(affix the noun form)
as ___________ as
“having the same attribute”

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Wedding Greetings

wedding, marriage

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Tagalog Translation of “The Poet”

This is a Tagalog translation by Aniceto F. Silvestre of the famous part of Kahlil Gibran’s poem The Poet. Continue reading “Tagalog Translation of “The Poet””

Top 10 Basic Tagalog Phrases to Know

Make an effort to learn at least a few basic phrases in Tagalog!

Magandang araw! = Beautiful day!
This is how Filipinos would say hello. It’s the equivalent of “Good morning!” though you can use it in the early afternoon too.

Mahal kita. = I love you.
This is the most common way of saying ‘I Love You.’ This phrase can be used with anyone, from your wife to your grandfather.

Sarap nito. = This is delicious. / This feels good.
The Tagalog word for ‘delicious‘ is also used for something that feels good.

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Valentine’s Day Greetings

Most Filipinos simply use the English greeting ‘Happy Valentine’s Day‘ on February 14. But if you wish to make an effort to express your Valentine feelings in Tagalog, here are a few phrases and greetings that you can write on a card or in a letter. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Greetings”


The prefix pinaka- is used to form superlative adjectives.

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‘Take Care’ in Tagalog

The Tagalog word for ‘to take care’ is



Ingat ka.
Take care.


Ikaw rin.
You too.

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