Kissing in Tagalog

Halikan mo ako.
Kiss me.

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What’s Your Name?

The Tagalog word for ‘name’ is pangalan.

Ano ang pangalan mo?

Combine the first two words in conversation:

Anong pangalan mo?
What’s your name? (casual)

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At The Filipino Store

The native Tagalog word for “store” is pamilihan (“marketplace”), but most Filipinos these days use the Spanish-derived word tindahan to refer to most stores, and the merchandise is called paninda.

Filipino grocery store
Buying snacks at a grocery store in Cebu

Marami pala kayong paninda dito.
So you guys have a lot of merchandise here after all.

Anu-anong paninda ninyo?
What sort of stuff are you folks selling?

Anong oras magbubukas ang tindahan?
What time will the store open?

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day this year (2016) is on Monday, May 8th. Do you know what to say to your Nanay in Tagalog?

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How to Say ‘Please’

There is no single-word Tagalog translation!

You have to attach paki- in front of the verb. 

to write

Pakisulat mo dito.
Please write it here.

to cook

Pakiluto mo ito.
Please cook this.

to arrange, put in order, fix

Pakiayos mo ito.
Please fix this.

to give

Pakibigay mo kay Ana.
Please give to Ana.

Pakibigay mo sa nanay mo.
Please give to your mother.

Pakibigay mo ito (sa kanila).
Please give this (to them).

mo = you

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‘You’re Handsome’ in Tagalog

There are two words you can use to say ‘handsome’ in the Filipino language.

The Spanish-derived Filipino word for ‘handsome’ is



Ang gwapo mo!
You’re handsome!

Ang gwapo mo talaga.
You’re really so handsome.

Gwapo ba ako?
Am I handsome?

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Make Words Plural in Tagalog

To make a word plural in Tagalog, use mga before it.

It is pronounced “mah-nga.”


mga bata

mga tao

mga nanay

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