Top 20 Family Names in the Philippines

The Twenty Most Common Filipino Surnames

1. Santos
That's the last name of Filipina actress Vilma Santos, Filipino-American writer Bienvenido Santos, the young superstar Judy Ann Santos, the WWII hero Alejo Santos, and singer Erik Santos.  The name is the Spanish word for 'saints.'
2. Reyes               

3. Cruz

4. Bautista

5. Ocampo

6. García

7. Mendoza

8. Torres

9. Tomás

10. Andrada

11. Castillo

12. Flores

13.  Villanueva          

14. Ramos

15. Castro 
16. Rivera

17. Aquino

18. Navarro

19. Salazar

20. Mercado


Top 10 Spanish Surnames in the Philippines that Start with De, De la or Del   

1. de la Cruz

2. de la Reyes

3. del Rosario

4. de los Santos

5. de Guzmán


6. de Castro

7. de la Vega

8. de la Rosa

9. de Asis

10. de Rosales



Popular surnames among Chinese-Filipinos: Chan, Cheng, Chua, Co, Cue, Dee, Go, Ku, Lee, Tan, Tiu, Ting, Ty, Sy, Yap, Yee, and others that are three-word combinations that end in -co like Cojuangco, Dychingco and Tanjuatco

Examples of native Tagalog surnames: Dimaguiba (impenetrable), Dimasalang (untouchable), Guinto (gold),  Macaraeg, Matapang (brave), Masipag (industrious), Lumaban (fought/battled), Pulumbarit

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