Famous Gays in the Philippines

In the past, only "flamboyant" homosexuals were recognized as being gay in the Philippines; they were called bakla. Stereotyped bakla homosexuals openly work in beauty parlors and in the creative industries of fashion and entertainment, such as as talk show hosts, female impersonators, writers, directors and comedians. Easily recognized by their use of makeup and cross-dressing, they have long been part of the Filipino cultural landscape; everyone knows of at least a few bakla people.



Renee Salud, fashion designer to the stars
Jose "Pitoy" Moreno, fashion designer to the stars
Ricky Reyes, hairdresser to the stars
Jun Encarnacion, the deceased beautician to the stars who had a wife and children

Lino Brocka, critically acclaimed director of Macho Dancer (1988) who died in 1991
Mel Chionglo, director of Burlesk King (1999) and Midnight Dancers (1994)
Maryo J. de los Reyes, director of Magnifico (2003)
Ishmael Bernal, award-wining director
Soxy Topacio, director
Elwood Perez, director

Rustom Padilla, actor who came out of the closet in 2006
Ogie Diaz, gossip columnist and TV host
Boy Abunda, journalist and TV host
Aiza Seguerra, actress and singer

Ricky Lee, critically acclaimed screenplay writer of Burlesk King (1999)
With more education about GLBT issues, there is growing understanding among Filipinos that outwardly straight-looking men may have a preference for homosexual relationships and not just for financial reasons as it was widely assumed in the past.

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