Filipino Family Terms from Chinese

These are family terms that Filipinos use that are from Hokkien Chinese.

ate = appellation for eldest sister
from a ci  ("a" is a prefix for relationships; "ci" means older sister)

ditse = appellation for second eldest sister
from di ci  ("di" means second and "ci" means older sister)

kuya = appellation for elder brother
from ko a ("ko" is an appellation for older brother; "a" is a suffix)

diko = appellation for second elder brother
from di ko a ("di" means second  and "ko" is an appellation for older brother)

sanse =appellation for third elder sister
from sa ci  ("sa" means third and "ci" means older sister)

sangko = appellation for third elder brother
from sa ko a ("sa" means third  and "ko" is an appellation for older brother)

siyaho = referential term for elder sister's husband
from cia hu ("cia" means older sister and "hu" means husband)

ingkong = grandfather

inso = address term for elder brother's wife