Executive Branch of the Philippines

Chief of State

President Benigno AQUINO (since 30 June 2010)

Vice President Jejomar BINAY (since 30 June 2010)

Note: the president is both chief of state and head of government

Head of government: President Benigno AQUINO (since 30 June 2010)

Cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the president with consent of Commission of Appointments

Philippine Presidential Elections

The president and vice president are elected on separate tickets by popular vote for a single six-year term.

An election was last held on 10 May 2010 -- Benigno AQUINO was declared winner and took office on 30 June 2010.

Next election to be held in May 2016.


2010 Presidential Election Results

Benigno AQUINO elected president.

Percent of vote - Benigno AQUINO 42.1%, Joseph ESTRADA 26.3%.