There is a "folk illness" in the Philippines called pasma. There is no equivalent medical term in English or Spanish.

The symptoms of pasma are trembling hands and sweaty palms occurring after strenuous use of the hands in manual labor. Farmers who work in the fields dragging plows, women who handwash laundry, pianists and athletes suffer from pasma. Their hands become pasmado.

pasmadong kamay
hands suffering from pasma

Popular folk remedies for pasma involve coconut oil, alcohol and urine.

Mothers often warn their children not to wet their hands or feet with cold water after sweating at play. You're supposed to rest first. Otherwise, your hands will grow out of control and they will be shaking all the time. You won't be able to work as a cameraman or photographer when you grow up!

From the Spanish word espasmo, meaning 'spasm'

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