root word: salubong (to welcome)

homecoming treat, souvenir

When Filipinos go on a trip or live overseas, they are expected to bring back gifts on their return.  That's pasalubong!

It's a big deal. If you don't bring pasalubong to people who welcome you, they'll think you never thought of them while you were away.

Pasalubungan mo sila ng tsokolate.
Get them chocolate and give it to them when you get there.

Pinasalubungan ko sila ng prutas.
I brought back fruit and gave it to them.

Papasalubungan ko kayo ng marami!
I'll have a lot of gifts for you when I return.

Think of a pasalubong as a souvenir from your trip or your residence overseas, although food from the place you're coming from is usually what's expected.