root word: bata (child) 

for children

Pambata ito.
This is for kids.

pambatang tula
children's poem

pambatang kuwento
children's story

pambatang kanta
songs for kids

pambatang awit
kids' song

pambatang musika
= musikang pambata
music for children


Awiting pambata refers to Filipino children's songs such as nursery rhymes.

Examples of such songs in Tagalog include Ako ay May Lobo, Saranggola ni Pepe, Pen Pen de Sarapen and Sampung Mga Daliri.


Tulang pambata refers to Filipino children's poems.

An example of a tulang pambata is Ang Kaibigang Tunay by Al Q. Perez.

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