there is, there are, has, have

Mayroon akong lapis.
I have a pencil.

Mayroon silang bagong kotse.
They have a new car.

The Tagalog word mayroon has the same meaning as may, but each has a different usage.

1.  Use mayroon in simple answers.

May bagyo ba?
Is there a storm?

Oo, mayroon.
Yes, there is.

May pera ka pa ba?
Do you still have money?

Mayroon pa.
"There still is." = I still do. I still have money.

2. Use before the words din (also), daw (someone said) and yata (I think).

Mayroon din akong papel.
I also have paper.

Mayroon daw siyang kotse.
She says she has a car.

Mayroon yata silang problema.
I think they have a problem.

3. Use before a personal pronoun in possessive form.

Mayroon akong nilutong kanin.
There's some rice I cooked.

Mayroon silang ginawang proyekto.
There's a project they did.