a semi-aquatic tropical plant that's a popular vegetable in the Philippines

Scientific name: Ipomoea aquatica

Kangkong has been translated into English as swamp cabbage or river spinach, but those names don't reflect what kangkong really is except for the fact that it grows where there's a lot of water. It has also been called swamp morning glory because of its flowers. In French, it is called liseron d'eau.

The tender hollow stems of kangkong are used in cooking as well as its leaves.  It can be stir-fried, steamed, boiled or lightly fried in oil. 

A popular dish is adobong kangkong. To prepare kangkong adobo-style means to cook it with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, onions, a bay leaf and optionally some pork.

Pinalutong na kangkong is a dish in which this vegetable is cooked to a crisp.

Also written as kang-kong. In other languages: kangkung, tangkong