The word comes from the Spanish phrase ¿Cómo está?

The standard Tagalog spelling is Kumusta, but most Filipinos now use Kamusta.

What's up?

Kamusta ka?
How are you?
(don't use with old people)

Kamusta ka na?
How have you been?
= "What's up?"

Kamusta na po kayo?
How are you?
(polite version for older people)


Kamusta ang buhay?
How's life?

Kamusta si ________?
How is ____________?

Kamusta si Ana?
How is Ana?

Mabuti siya.
She/he's fine.

Kamusta ang asawa mo?
How's your wife/husband?

Kamusta ang ate mo?
How's your older sister?

Ikamusta mo ako sa kanya.
Tell her hello for me. = Tell him hello for me.