pigeon pea

also spelled kadios

sometimes referred to as kagyos, kagyas, kaldis, kalios, kardis, kidis, tabios

Kadios refers to the pigeon pea, also known as red gram or Congo peas in English. The plant's scientific name is Cajanus cajan.

The Philippine variety of this legume looks like small black beans to Filipinos.  They sometimes translate it into English as black-eyed peas. Kadios beans are a popular ingredient in Ilonggo cuisine of Iloilo, in particular in the soup known as KBL.

K = kadios
B = baboy (pork)
L = langka (jackfruit)

The reason KBL is easy for Filipinos to remember is because it was the name of a political party from the 1980s.

KMU is another Ilonggo dish whose name also reminds people of a political party.

K = kadios
M = manok (chicken)
U =  ubod / ubad (pith or core of the trunk of a banana plant)