scrub dirt off skin

scrubbing dirt from off  the skin

Hudhuran mo ng kalamansi ang iyong balat.
Scrub  your skin with calamansi.

The Hudhud is a famous epic of the Ifugao people.

 Aliguyon was a prominent member of the Ifugao tribe and he possessed the ability to travel to faraway places without resting, eating or sleeping.  He moved so fast that he could catch any weapon thrown at him, and he was never defeated in battle.  
One of his duels was against Pumbakhayon, a warrior from the tribe of Daligdigan. They fought nonstop for a year and a half, rested a bit, then fought again for another year and a half. They eventually realized that they were so evenly matched that no one would come out victorious.

In the end, Aliguyon ended up marrying Pumbakhayon's sister Bugan, and Pumbakhayon married Aliguyon's sister Aginaya, thereby  uniting the tribes of Gohandan and Daligdigan.