to go stay in the mountains

umakyat ng bundok
to climb a mountain

bundok ng buhangin
"mountain of sand"
= success of short duration


The Tagalog word bundok is the etymological source of the English word boondocks.

Westerners usually don't think twice about adding an 's' to the end of a Tagalog word to change it into plural form.

Hindi mahirap akyatin ang Bundok Banahaw.
It's not difficult to climb Mount Banahaw. 


Ano ang pinakamataas na bundok sa Pilipinas?
What's the highest mountain in the Philippines?

Ang Bundok Apo ang pinakamataas na bundok sa Pilipinas.
Mount Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines.

Aling bundok ang gusto mong akyatin?
Which mountain would you like to climb?

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