duck egg with a developed embryo
BALUT: Filipino duck egg

Sometimes, the embryo is so developed you can feel the crunch of its bones in your mouth.

is a native delicacy in the Philippines. It is considered a health food. Street vendors roam at night with their egg-filled baskets as they  shout Balut, penoy, balut… 

You often can buy small bags of vinegar along with the eggs. 

The Vietnamese also regularly eat fertilized duck eggs, which they call hot vit lon.

magbabalut / mambabalut
people who "do" balut 
can be used to refer to both producers and vendors
Balut, pampatigas ng tuhod.
Balut strengthens the knees.

slang for a zero score

Balut ang nakuha ko sa iksam.
I got a zero on the exam.

Other related Tagalog words: itlog (egg), pato (duck)

There is another word balot which means to wrap.

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