star fruit
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The Filipino fruit balimbing has the scientific name Averrhoa carambola. It's called a star fruit in English because when you cut it crosswise, the shape you see is is that of a star. (To compare, when you cut a watermelon in half, the shape you see is a circle.)

Balimbing is also slang for a traitor or a turncoat. This is because the balimbing fruit has many sides. Politicians who change  parties or loyalties based on who's currently has authority are frequently called balimbing

Bumalimbing siya kay Miguel. Tapos nang nakulong si Miguel, bumalimbing siya uli.  He changed sides for Michael. Then when Michael was jailed, he changed sides again. 


Picture of Balimbing Carambola


Other names for the balimbing fruit in other countries:
bilimbi, bimbli, belimbing, blimbling, biling, bimbiri


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