gay, homosexual

Bakla ka.
You are gay.

Bakla ka daw.
He / She / They said you're gay.

Mga bakla sila.
They're homosexuals.

Lahat sila, bakla.
They're all gay.

Hindi ako bakla.
I'm not gay.

Hindi siya bakla.
He's not gay.

Eh, ano, kung bakla siya?
So what if he's gay?

The more politically correct term for a gay man is binabae (of a womanly sort), from the word babae, meaning woman. For lesbians, it is binalaki (of a manly sort), from the word lalaki, meaning man.

More humorous variations on the word bakla are bading, badapdidap, badapsing, badapski and badaf (badap). In recent years, however, even these words have become negatively charged because of their use as epithets.

Other slang words for 'gay' are lalakwe and jokla.