a species of crab that's smaller than alimango

scientific name: Scylla serrata
(mud crab, mangrove crab, black crab)

The blue crab and white sea crab are also referred to as alimasag.

sometimes misspelled as alimasak

Ang sarap ng alimasag!
The crab is so delicious!

In general, the alimasag is spotted and has a thin shell and thin legs, while the alimango has a dark, thick shell and large legs.

The orange-red material inside the crab shell is called aligi or aligue or alige. It has been referred to in English as crab spawn, fat, eggs and roe.

"Crab butter" is the white-yellow fat inside the back of the shell of a large crab. This is what Filipinos commonly refer to as taba (fat).

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