Abadeha, Filipina Cinderella

Abadeha is the Philippine version of Cinderella. She is a kind and hardworking young woman.

Her wicked stepmother and stepsisters abuse her and ask her to carry out impossible tasks. Abadeha asks for the help of Bathala (the creator God), her ancestors and her dead mother. At the river, her cries for help are heard by the Spirit of the Forest (counterpart of the fairy godmother). With her guidance, Abadeha is able to accomplish all that her step-family demands of her.

One day, a prince out hunting in the forest comes upon the enchanted tree by the grave of Abadeha's mother. He sees a ring among the branches and puts it on. By the time he returns to the palace, his finger has become swollen and painful. The king calls for the Babaylan, the priest-healer of the land, but even he cannot take the ring off.

That night, the Prince learns in a dream that only a girl can remove the ring from his finger. Upon hearing this, the king announces to his people that any girl who can take the ring off his son's finger will be offered marriage to the prince.

Of all the maidens who tried, only Abadeha was successful. And that's how she became a princess!

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