The famous Tagalog novel Banaag at Sikat was published in 1906. It  is about Delfin and his love for the daughter of a rich landlord.

Buod ng BANAAG AT SIKAT, Kathambuhay ni Lope K. Santos
Summary of From Early Dawn to Full Light, a novel by Lope K. Santos

two friends: Delfin and Felipe

Delifin is a socialist. He is poor. He writes for a newspaper and studies law.

Felipe is an anarchist who wants to do away with rich landowners. He himself comes from a rich family, but he hates his father who is a leader in their town of Silangan. Felipe decides to leave his luxurious home and goes to live with Don Ramon, his ninong (godfather) in Manila, whom he also learns to hate for being rich.  Felipe falls in love with a commoner named Tentay but is forced to return home by his father.

To be continued...

Famous quote from Lope K. Santos's novel Banaag at Sikat: Ang pagkaramdam ay isinisigaw din ng nakakaramdam at di ng mga nanonood lamang.