Condansoy (Kondansoy ) lyrics and recording

Condansoy or Kondansoy is a Visayan song mainly sung in Cebuano-speaking regions, although local variations exist in nearby provinces. This is a different song from Dandansoy, another Visayan song. Also, please note that it is in a language distinct from Tagalog.



Condansoy, inom tuba Laloy
Dili co moinom, tuba pait aslom
Ang tuba sa baybay patente mo angay
Talacsan nga diutay pono ang malaway.




 Condansoy, drink some tuba Laloy
No, I won't drink at all, tuba is bitter-sour
Tuba sold by the seashore ought to get a patent
For a little glass of it will make you drool.


In this song, Condansoy is a boy who is being asked to drink Laloy's tuba, a coconut wine. He wisely refuses to.