Ako'y Pobreng Alindahaw, Lyrics Translation


Ako'y pobreng alindahaw
 Sa huyuhoy gianod-anod
Nangita ug kapanibaan, ahay,
Sa tanaman ug sa manga kabulakan.

Aruy, aruy, aruy, aruy...
Ania si bulak sa mga kahidlaw
Aruy, aroy, aruy, aruy...
Aruy, aruy, di ka maluoy
Ning pobreng alindahaw.

Aruy, aruy, aruy, aruy...

I'm a poor dragonfly
 In the breeze being swept away
Searching for a place to rest, sigh,
In the garden among the flowers.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch...
Like flowers for the one who yearns
Ouch, ow, ouch, ouch...
Ouch, ouch, don't be sorry
For this poor dragonfly.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch...

The Visayan word alindahaw normally means 'drizzle' (ambon in Tagalog), but in this song, it refers to a small, beautiful insect. Depending on the which part of the Visayas you're in, it could be a butterfly, firefly or dragonfly.