Top 10 Filipino Street Food

 Top 10 Filipino Goodies You Can Buy in the Streets of the Philippines


1. Kamote-cue is sweet potato that's coated with brown sugar and deep-fried in oil; several large pieces are served on a thin bamboo skewer.

Kamote-cue and Banana-kyu

2. Banana-cue is saba (a fat cooking variety of banana) that's coated with brown sugar and deep-fried in oil; one large one or two small bananas are served on a skewer.


3. Kwek-Kwek are hard-boiled quail eggs coated with batter and then deep-fried. Tokneneng is the term when chicken eggs are used. 


Filipino Street Food


4.  Fish balls are round, airy fish-flavored dough deep-fried in oil and then skewered on a stick. Various dipping sauces are provided. Squid balls and chicken balls are recent variations.


5.  Adidas are grilled chicken feet on skewers; named after the three stripes in the German shoe company's logo


6. Walkmen are pig ears that are marinated and then grilled on skewers


7. Turon is banana wrapped like a spring roll and deep fried; jackfruit is sometimes included in the filling


8. Betamax is chicken or pig's blood that's dried and roasted; served cut into small cubes


9.  Taho is a drink made from soft bean curd sweetened with caramel syrup.. You can spot a taho vendor from afar carrying two large metal cans suspended on a stick over his shoulder.


10. Iskrambol is a sweet, slushy milk-based drink that's a favorite of Filpino children. There's always an iskrambol vendor near elementary schools.


The Tagalog translation for 'street food' is pagkaing kalye.

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