Top 10 Pulutan When Drinking

Filipino Food - Snacks

Pulutan are snacks or finger food that Filipinos eat when drinking beer or liquor.

1. sisig - cheeks, ears and liver of a pig that are grilled, then minced

2. isaw -  pig or chicken intestines that are marinated then skewered

3. chicharon - pork rinds, served with vinegar

4. adidas - grilled chicken's feet

5. mani - peanuts

6. tokwa't baboy - tofu and pork

7. prawn crackers - a popular brand is Besuto, served with vinegar

8. inihaw na pusit - barbecued squid

9. tenga ng baboy - pigs' ears, also called walkmen

10. betamax - solidified pork blood cut into small bricks or cubes, then served on skewers