Popular Filipino Dishes

Adobo: pork or chicken marinated in garlic, soy sauce and vinegar

Afritada: meat stew with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and potatoes

Bagoong: fermented paste made from small fish, sometimes shrimp

Kare-kare: ox tail stew with banana blossoms cooked in a peanut sauce

Escabeche: sweet and sour fish dish

Lumpia: spring roll

Menudo: ox tail stew with chickpeas

Pansit: noodles

Pinakbet: vegetable dish cooked with bagoong

Arroz Caldo: rice porridge with chicken

Kaldereta: goat stew

Kilawin: raw fish

Daing: dried fish

Dinengdeng: boiled vegetables with bagoong

Dinuguan: blood pudding with internal organs

Embutido: porkloaf sausage

Estofado: beef stew with beans, carrots and tomatoes

Ginataan: cooked with gata (coconut milk)

Inihaw: barbecued

Laing: taro leaves cooked in gata

Longaniza: sweet-and-sour pork sausage

Mechado: beef and onions cooked with tomato sauce

Paksiw: stew of fish marinated in vinegar

Pinakbet: vegetable dish cooked with bagoong

Pochero: chicken and pork stew with bananas and vegetables

Relyenong bangus: stuffed milkfish

Sinaing: boiled rice

Sinangag: fried rice

Sinigang: sour stew (the souring ingredient usually tamarind or kamias)

Tapa: seasoned dried meat

Tinola: chicken stew with papaya

Tokwa: tofu

Torta: omelet

Ukoy: fried shrimp cakes

Tapsilog: combination of tapa (dried meat), sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg); a popular Filipino breakfast