Filipino Food Bloggers

Blog: Inuyaki
Name: Arnold Gatilao
Location: Fremont, California, USA
Bio: food blogger. gastrophile. ad hoc menu archive. mac geek. radiohead freak.
Twitter ID: inuyaki
Filipino food post: Filipino spaghetti

 Apple Pie, Patis & Pâté
Name: Jude
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Bio:  software developer, cook, food blogger
Twitter ID:  judecee
Filipino food post: Pinipig cookies

Blog: Going for Seconds
Name: Frank Guanco
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Bio: Likes to get full.
Twitter ID:  proncis
Filipino food post: Halo Halo

Sweet Cherrie Pie
Name: Cherrie Moore
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Bio: Wife. Mother. Food lover.
Twitter ID: CherrieMoore
Filipino food post: Turon

Taste as You Go
Name:  Michelle Judd
Location: New York City, New York, USA
Bio: Food blogger. Runner. New Yorker for now. New Englander at heart. Red Sox faithful. Loyal Chi Omega Sister.
Twitter ID: tasteasyougo
Filipino food post: Ihawan2

Tangled Noodle
Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Bio: Student and Freelance Writer
Twitter ID: tanglednoodle
Filipino food post: Pancit Bihon

Blog: One Filipino Dish a Week
Name:  Paoix
Location: New York, USA
Bio:  20-something Filipino living in the NYC area
Twitter ID: paoix
Filipino food post: Ukoy

Blog: English Patis
Name:  Celia Kusinera
Location:  England, United Kingdom
Bio: Dreams of cooking for a living.
Filipino food post: Pinakurat

Blog: Urban Foodie
Name:  Steph Pituc
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Bio: filipina american. lover of food. perpetual student.
Twitter ID: stephiep33
Filipino food post: Pinakbet

Blog: Go Gastronomy: Adventures in Yumminess
Name: Daphne Domingo
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Bio: Food blogger. Life coach. Spiritual/holistic consultant. Mission is to live a life of YUM.
Twitter ID: GoGastronomy
Filipino food post: Death Row Meal

Blog: Pinoy Cook
Name: Connie Veneracion
Location: (does anyone know?)
Bio: retired lawyer, independent web publisher, newspaper columnist, magazine writer
Twitter ID: pinoycook
Filipino food post: Fish and Malunggay Soup

No Special Effects
Name: Mark Manguerra
Location:  Philippines: New York, USA
Bio: Dessertier, doctor, cookbook reviewer.
Twitter ID: Manggy
Filipino food post: Brazo de Mercedes

Blog: My Filipino Kitchen
Name: Seigfred Tristan Dequito
Twitter ID: kitchenero
Filipino food post: Longanisa for Longsilog

Name: Trissa
Bio: Banker by day and frustrated cook the rest of the time.
Location: Sydney, Australia
Twitter ID: trissalicious
Filipino food post: Crispy Pata

Blog: A Cupcake or Two
Name: Katherine Eugenio
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Twitter ID: acupcakeor2
Filipino food post: Junior MasterChef Egg Kit and Longsilog

Blog: When Adobo Met Feijoada
Name: Caroline
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Bio: wife, homeschooling mom, paper crafter, cook, baker
Twitter ID: CarolineAdobo
Filipino food post: turon cupcakes