Top 10 Gifts for Filipina Women

Here are a few gift ideas:

1. Jewelry - diamonds, pearls or birthstones (stud earrings, a simple bracelet or a short necklace)

2. Perfume - with a box set that includes lotion (a popular fragrance with Filipino women is CK Obsession)

3. Pink iPod - Nano, Mini, Shuffle in a striking color

4. Gourmet Chocolate - box must be very pretty; can't go wrong with Godiva

5. Zojirushi rice cooker - no Filipino meal is complete without perfectly cooked rice; for the practical Filipina

Seksi is the Filipino word for Sexy

6. Filipino DVD or the latest from Hollywood

7. Stuffed Toy - Filipino women have a thing for stuffed animals;  the larger the better... something they can hug and cuddle with

8. Lea Salonga CD or the latest US Pop Hit - there isn't a single Filipino who isn't proud of Lea Salonga and everyone still gets teary-eyed over her audition featured in The Making Of Miss Saigon

9. Flowers or Plant - as with any other woman, Filipinas love flowers, but the typical Filipina has a greener thumb than most

10. Latest Bestselling Book or a Good Cookbook

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Don't limit yourself to Filipino-oriented gifts. Find out what your Filipina friend is into — Japanese sweets, Kpop, Hollywood films, American Idol, poetry — then get an appropriate gift. It's the thought you put into it that matters more.