Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Filipino Children

The Tagalog word for 'gift' is regalo and the word for 'Christmas gift' is pamasko.

Tagalog Words Book for Kids

Filipino kids like the same things as children all over the world. You can get them a bike, dolls or newly released video games. According to trivia buffs, the yoyo has Filipino origins... To help you brainstorm, here are a few ideas in the form of a top-ten list:

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Filipino Children

1. A skateboard with a Filipino theme - If the child lives in the rural provinces of the Philippines with no paved roads, this wouldn't be a good idea. But Filipino-American kids stateside would get a kick out of showing off their ethnic pride.

2.  A popular Philippine game like sungka (called mancala in the US)

SUNGKA = "African stone game"

3. A radio-controlled toy vehicle ... race cars, pickup trucks, helicopters, police cruisers...

4. A starter guitar set -- Filipinos are musical in ways that will amaze foreigners.  Give the kid an instrument early on!

5. Jump ropes, toy tops, and hula hoops are popular toys in the Philippines.

6. Classic marbles (holen) are fascinating for Filipino children, both boys and girls.

7. Encourage reading and cultivate the reader with books!

8. You can get a Razor Carver for less than 70 dollars.

9. Disney animated movies featuring the voice of Filipina singer Lea Salonga, like Aladdin and Mulan.

10. A traditional Philippine fan like pamaypay or abaniko.