Tips on Wooing a Filipina Woman

See her home. If you can't see her to the door, call or text to make sure that she got in safely. Always express your concern for her safety. 

If she's carrying anything, offer to carry it for her.  Ako na ang magdadala. (I'll carry it.)

Ask a Filipina at least twice because out of modesty she will refuse the first time. If you don't bother asking a second time, she will assume you're not really interested in her.

Don't touch her unnecessarily. There's nothing more unsettling to a Filipina than the touchy-feely type of guy. Ask for permission before any "casual" physical contact.

When it comes to giving her things, "thoughtfulness" counts more than the price. Make sure it's a gift with some meaning and explain to her the thought process that went into your choosing the gift.

Ask how her family is. Does she have any pictures with her?

Don't make fun of her religious beliefs.

Be careful not to say anything that can be taken as derogatory about Filipino culture or famous Filipinos. Even if it's just a joke to you, she will take it hard inside and think you're looking down on her.

If you really care for her, ask if she or her family has any problems you can help with. Filipinos always smile and seem happy and carefree, but there might be something that's weighing heavily on her mind that might be easy for you to solve.

Don't be complaining. Smile a lot. Laugh a lot. Sing her a song.